Starting today, LG will stop making smartphones

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As it was officially announced a few weeks ago, the South Korean company LG officially announced that it had stopped manufacturing smartphones, and this was a decision that was dictated by several reasons, so that the date of June 1 and the end of LG’s path in this field will be written with it, and that is because Large financial losses suffered by.

And the South Korean company LG had announced its intention to leave the field of the smartphone industry and stop making it by May 31, which means that today is the day the decision comes into effect, and LG will gradually close the smartphone industry section in the company during the coming weeks and That is with the final of July, and the company will continue to provide security and technical updates to users of its phones during the next three years.

And LG announced in a statement on Monday, April 5, that its decision to stop the smartphone industry will enable the company to focus resources in areas of growth such as components of electric cars, connected devices, smart homes, robots, artificial intelligence, business solutions, as well as platforms and services, While she indicated that the company will ensure that the current phones will remain on sale, and LG says that it will continue to support its products “for a period of time that will vary according to the region.”

After closing the branch specializing in the smartphone industry, it is preparing to transfer employees in this sector to other units, while sources say that the South Korean company will focus on other businesses such as electronics, screens, and home appliances.

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