IBM Think 2021: Everything for hybrid cloud and AI

IBM Think 2021

IBM Think 2021

While internally the teams prepare the split of Big Blue into two entities, IBM and Kyndryl, the new IBM is accelerating on its vision very oriented hybrid cloud and AI as evidenced by the announcements of the Think 2021 conference being held this week.

“Just as we have electrified factories and machines over the past century, we will use hybrid cloud to infuse AI into software and systems in the 21st century,” said Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM in the introduction. “One thing is for sure: it is a future that must be built based on deep industry collaboration. No one understands this better than IBM, which is one of the reasons we are stepping up our investments in our partner ecosystem… At Think 2021, we unveil our latest Hybrid Cloud and AI innovations – two technologies that serve as the foundation for a new IT architecture for companies ”.

The fact that IBM is now relying on hybrid cloud and AI is nothing new. But for the boss of the company, everything remains to be done especially in terms of artificial intelligence: “it is essential to understand that the percentage of adoption of AI is still only a number with 1 digit”.

To accelerate its strategy, IBM made several announcements during the first day of Think 2021. Here are the ones that we think are the most important:

  • Integrated into the Cloud Pack for Data, AutoSQL is a new service that automates the way customers access, integrate, and manage data without having to move it, regardless of where it is or how it is stored. According to IBM, AutoSQL uses AI to help customers get distributed query responses up to 8 times faster than ever before and at almost half the cost of other data centers compared. Also according to IBM, AutoSQL AI makes Cloud Pack for Data the best performing data warehouse while improving its ability to work on multiple and hybrid clouds.
  • Automation boosted with AI is also discussed in the second big announcement of this Think 2021: Watson Orchestrate is a new interactive AI feature intended to boost the daily productivity of employees. Watson Orchestra integrates with tools such as Slack, Outlook, Salesforce, SAP, or Workday to perform common tasks such as approval workflows or scheduling meetings. The service is in addition to Cloud Paks for Automation and complements RPA functionality. The result of recent IBM acquisitions (WDG, Instana, myInvenio, Turbonomic) is a Self-Service solution that allows users to save time daily by automating certain time-consuming and repetitive tasks. She uses AI to select and sequence pre-specified “skills” to accomplish a task. AI understands contexts and adapts skills according to the organization and interactions previously studied.
  • On the Hybrid Cloud side, the flagship announcement is called “Mono2 Micro”. Here again, embedded AI is put forward by IBM. She analyzes business applications and makes recommendations on how to best migrate them to the cloud. Integrated with WebSphere Hybrid Edition, Mono2 Micro is one of the latest innovations produced by IBM Research to become a commercial product. It helps organizations optimize and modernize their monolithic Java applications to run as microservices in hybrid environments powered by Red Hat OpenShift.

One last announcement also caught our attention: Project CodeNet. Like “Mono2 Micro”, this new service is the direct result of IBM Research. This is a huge database of information comprising 14 million code examples (or 500 million lines of code) written in 55 different programming languages ​​that have been specially cleaned and selected to allow the construction of AI capable of understanding codes and performing translations from one language to another. Distributed in open source, this database should help researchers develop new AIs capable of automatically modernizing source codes (and therefore modernizing technical debt), automatically generating code (for No-Code environments for example).

Thank you for your attention, you can register to IBM Think here.

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