Electronics trends for 2020

5G, Medicine, Blockchain, XR …

Over the last decade, we have seen some incredible technological innovations, but as we move into the 20s, what new developments await us? Here are some of the top consumer electronics trends for 2020.


One of the consumer electronics trends that people have been discussing for some time now is 5G. 2019 saw EE, Vodafone, Three and O2 all roll out their 5G networks in the UK. In 2020, more mobile carriers are expected to follow suit, as well as 5G being rolled out in other countries.
Faster internet speeds is promised for everyone with 5G and should be especially beneficial for those living in areas that currently have poor or non-existent 4G coverage. Because of the 5G small cells replacing the monolithic 4G cell towers all of this is possible.
The 5G cells can be mounted almost anywhere, including in towns and cities, without being intrusive or an eyesore as they are only small boxes and can be installed in a few hours. We can see more of these 5G cells installed in the world around us as 5G coverage becomes more common.


Personalized Medicine

Medical technology has long been dependent on innovation within electronics. In electronic tattoos, more developments have been made recently– thin, wearable electronics that can be worn on the skin to monitor vital signs such as heart and brain functions and transmit that data to a smartphone or computer for real-time health analysis.
Technologies like this have the potential to change fundamentally the way treatment is administered, as more accurate and personalized readings of all the health risks of an individual can be given by intuitive monitoring technology. Patients are more likely to get the treatment that is tailored specifically for their entire health profile rather than going through a series of tests and being prescribed a treatment that may aggravate other conditions.

Blockchain Technology

2020 is the year that sees blockchain technology change the way companies do business. Blockchain technology is a digital ledger by which transaction information is recorded and stored in an encrypted, decentralized manner.
Blockchain technology is more secure against hackers and malware trying to manipulate past transactions as any changes made to a ‘block’ in the blockchain changes the block’s unique hash which would no longer match the chronology of the chain.
In a blockchain, all the information is transparent, which means that anyone can see the transactions made by a person or company but that data can’t be changed or manipulated. The wide use of blockchain technology in the business world would mean fewer companies ‘dealing under the table’ as everyone in a blockchain is accountable for their own activity.

Extended Reality

One of the biggest consumer electronics trends of 2019 has been extended reality or XR.
Some huge developments are seen by virtual and augmented reality video games in the past year, with many popular games including elements of VR or AR. More games of this ilk being developed to complement more powerful hardware are the result of the announcement of the next generation of gaming consoles will no doubt lead to.

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