9 Ways to Build Wealth Fast According to Jeff Rose

What your financial advisor will not tell you

Jeff Rose worked as a financial advisor for 16 years. During that time, he learned that the best best way to build wealth isn’t always investing in financial products for long-term growth.
Beyond what a financial advisor recommends, you need to invest in ways that aren’t mutual funds and S&P 500 to become a wealth hacker.
Nine ways that most financial advisors don’t recommend to build wealth will be interesting for you.

1. Save money on vehicles

Rose advises against unnecessarily spending money on your automobile.
According to his experience, he inherited his first car, so he made no car payments as a first-year financial advisor.
His Roth IRA was founded due to that savings and the money put towards his 401K.
He estimates that driving that car earned him $10 million in redirected allocations.

2. Don’t buy “more” house than you need

Buying a house more than you need is more than you can afford, advises Rose. It’s better to keep renting or to make a sensible purchase.

3. Stop buying too much stuff

Avoiding unnecessary purchases is usually recommended by Rose— whether that is a new truck or an over-the-top kid’s birthday party.

4. Save a percentage of your income

Though saving a portion of your income is always recommended by all financial advisors, few suggest extreme savings of 30, 50, or 70 percent of income. But you can gain financial freedom at a young age through saving at these levels.

5. Work as much as you can now

Rose tells Gen Yers, in particular, to put time into their professions — either working overtime to build their careers or starting side hustles to generate extra income. What financial advisors typically recommend is contrary to that, but a side business could lead to future opportunities.

6. Invest in your education

It will be so helpful to earn more money if you invest in a college degree, additional degrees, an MBA, or online certifications.

7. Invest in yourself

Rose explains that he spent $ 8,900 on a one-year coaching program, this investment in itself led to business opportunities, outsourcing strategies and smarter decisions to improve his efficiency and effectiveness profitability. He says this coaching program, in particular, had a higher rate of return on his investment than the Facebook stock he bought early on – based on his initial investment, hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent.

8. Engage in entrepreneurship

When you’re younger, Rose encourages you to have side pushes. He suggests starting an online business like a blog or an e-commerce site.

9. Invest in real estate

Financial advisers typically promote financial products that they earn a commission or manage and are unlikely to recommend real estate as an investment. But Rose says investing in complex or inverted homes is also a way to build wealth.

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