3 Quick Tips for Increasing Your Financial Vocabulary

When the United Kingdom left the European Union, the news surprised the whole world. Financial news sources didn’t stop talking about how this affected the global economy “pound falls further over BrexitFears stocks tumble after Brexit decision, marking largest loss since august Brexit vote sends shockwaves through global financial markets”. Even though the news came out a while ago, it’s still an important topic for anyone in the business. All the news websites today, have many financial words describing the events around this news story.

Are you thinking about increasing your financial vocabulary in English, now is a great time to start? Here are 3 tips to do it:

1. Make the Business Section Your Friend

Most major news websites have a Business Section featuring business news stories. Which is the best place to keep up with the latest financial news, both local and international, and, at the same time, improve your financial vocabulary and language usage.

2. Sit Down with a Good Finance Book

Getyour hands on a good finance book. Forbes’ top 0 personal finance books is a great place to start finding one that works for you. This is a list including many popular titles, like:  “The MillionaireextDoor” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko “Whydidn’ttheyteach me this in school personal money management principles to live by” by Gary Siegel, Many of these are written for people who don’t know about finance, That is the best part, so they reunite fun and easy to read and they explain finance terms clearly. 

3. Note the Use of Financial Language at Work

Be sure to note down any new financiallanguageyouencounter. 

Set yourself a goal: learning five new words a day from this list, and you’ll be on your way to improve your financial vocabulary very quickly.

Want to learn finance vocabulary even faster? Watch the authentic English videos on fluent. These videos are specifically designed to teach you English through real-world contexts, like business dialogues, business news reports, interviews with analysts, and more.

Each video comes with interactive subtitles just click or tap a word in the subtitles for an instant definition, grammar info, and useful examples. There are also flashcards and quizzes built into every video to ensure that you remember all the words you’ve learned. The videos are conveniently organized by genre and difficulty. Just click “Business” and select your English level to find perfect videos for you. Fluent U will also keep track of what you’ve learned and suggested a new video-based on that information. Plus, if you want to boost your general English, you can do that too here are thousands of English videos on FluentU, from movie trailers to music videos to inspiring speeches and more.

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